GPU Acceleration not working?

hi, im using Shotcut 20.04.12 in Windows 10. latest GTX1660 graphics driver

Display Method : DirectX
Preview Scaling : None
Use Hardware Encoder : ticked
Profile : H.264 Baseline
i dont think my GPU acceletared properly

am i doing export correctly?

I could confirm that GPU acceleration is working on Windows. At least on my GT640. Are you selecting nvenc as a codec in Advanced export settings?

On Mac I don’t see GPU being utilized :frowning: and in my experience Shotcut on OSX (libtoolbox) is way slower than on Windows.

How will you know, that he’s using NVIDIA-Graphics?

So much has been reported about GPU acceleration that much is misunderstood.
If GPU acceleration is enabled and properly configured, you shouldn’t think that ONLY the GPU does all the computing work, like with the 3D program “Blender”.
The Shotcut internal GPU acceleration only calculates the codec calculation with the rendering process.
Filters, effects, transitions are still calculated by the computer CPU.

A big disadvantage of the activated GPU acceleration is that the final result is bad or even rendered incorrectly.
It is calculated faster, but the file is disproportionately larger.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Read the FAQ (link at the top of this page when you scroll all the way up) about how GPU is used and not. Then, see all those video tracks in your screenshot. The time spent working on the video on the CPU is much greater than time spent in GPU encoding.

GTX1660, duh. Plus NVIDIA in Process Monitor in the screenshot. :wink:

His GPU is obviously idling… apart from a spike for something unrelated to Shotcut.

On Windows I am getting from 30% to 100% utilization with nvenc on my GT 640.
On Hackintosh on the same computer I am getting 0% GPU utilization with h264toolbox (Adobe Premiere/Media Encoder uses my GPU from 30-60% depending on encode).

On “kosher MacBook Pro” with GT7xxM I am getting the same 0% GPU utilization with h264toolbox (Adobe Premiere/ME uses that GPU about same 60%).

Bottom line: on MacOS h264toolbox appears not to be using GPU most, if not all, of the time; on Windows, thanks to NVENC, Shotcut encodes about 150% faster vs. same encode on OSX.

He is not using macOS. Do not hijack threads. You already have your thread where you reported your findings.

Sorry. Just wanted to confirm that NVENC is working just fine on Windows (just do not try to select quality based encoding :wink:)

Ryzen CPU with GT1660… Interesting setup!.. So many options to test!

Ah, yes! My fault.

well, it doesnt matter, its fast anyway using my CPU.

ive read the FAQ and i think my video is not using any special effect or anything that need my GPU to cover, because i saw the very first time it render, my GPU spike up, then idle. i think the GPU render it all in front, then go to next part for CPU.

as i said, it doesnt matter. for 10 minutes videos, i can render for 4-7 minutes, and im happy with that.


1.5-2xRT for 6 core Ryzen on 1080p… Ryzen should be able to do that just on CPU.

Try rendering with ASF codec and report back :wink:… Hmm, does all Ryzen have integrated GPU? How come Windows Activity Monitor is not showing Ryzen’s GPU?

Can you click on Configure and take a screenshot to show what you have enabled?

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