GPS video

Hello friends;

Can you share a video with GPS data? When I’m going to do an experiment with the GPS text filter.


There’s a sample in the documentation post but you can basically expect any design you can make with the Text: simple filter to work with it (so any font, color, size, position etc).


Thank you. I’ve seen that post.

as you said, in simple text style…

But ;

I wanted a sample clip with gps data (not visible on the screen…) in the video.

If you want to use the GPS data embedded in the video (like Gopro does with gps active) then the filter doesn’t do this.

Yes. I know. I will create a gpx file. so it is necessary sample video.

If you just want a GPX file there is one embedded in an HTML file of mine here: Speedometer

If you are looking for a video file with embedded GPX metadata, what format of file MP4, MOV …etc.

Yes.I am looking for a file with embedded gps data. mp4 or mov

Some guy on the EXIFTOOL forum was trying to do this and put a link there to an MP4 file with GPX data in it. If you are only using it to test GPX extraction out I suppose there shouldn’t be a problem using that. If you are going to publish the video you’ll need to get his permission.

For the link see Post #9 in this thread:

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Ok. I understand. I do not intend to publish.

I downloaded the file. I also created a *.gpx file. I uploaded this resulting file in the GPS text filter.

But as far as I understand, there is no gps data in the video…

Thank you

EXIFTOOL has a way of extracting GPS data from MP4 files as described in this post:

However, there doesn’t seem to be a standard way of storing GPS data in video files. The file I referred to in the earlier post should have contained GPS data, but not necessarily in the format you were expecting:

From that post:

I’m making real headway here, but unfortunately have no solution yet.

The good news: - I can now parse AVC video stream data in MP4 videos

The bad news: - The GPS doesn’t seem to be stored in the AVC video stream in MP4 videos like it is in M2TS files.

More good news: - One of my MP4 samples stores telemetry information in a text track that I can now parse.

More bad news: - It seems that different cameras store GPS differently in MP4 videos.

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@Elusien Thank you

Another possibility. There is an MP4 file with GPX data shown on the webpage below:

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I’m experimenting…

I was not able to create a *.gpx file from these videos with Exiftool as shown on the site. When I look in general with exiftool, there is no gps data anyway.

My goal was to try the GPS text filter. but I have not been successful yet.

Thank you.

You don’t need a particular gps file for a video, you can just manually sync it to start at the same time.

But if you want a real sync you can take your phone and walk around outside while recording video + recording a gps track (there’s plenty of apps that record to .gpx) and you’ll have a good test pair.

Understood. The camera also does not have GPS. But I have it on my iphone. Is there any software you can recommend for my phone?

I’m on android so can’t really recommend the app I’m using (GPS logger). You can probably trust the search results if you go for “gpx recorder” or something.

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I was very interested in this topic I opened… I’m trying to understand it fully.

For example, can I create this sample file with my phone?

I have a recording I made before. There is gps data, but only height and position… File in gpx.fmt format is not created… I think it should be recorded according to time…

My research will continue…

Thank you.

Here is a GPX file that I used to develop my “Speedometer + Altimeter” app (Resources for Shotcut).

GPS.txt (3.5 KB)

It has the data you need. Just use it with any video clip.

Thank you. @Elusien

how do i use this. I added a GPS text filter and made the file extension gpx. There was no change when I played the clip. where am i doing wrong?