GPS sync not working after encoding

What is your operating system?
What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)?

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
I created a time line with some clips ordered by time no transition no other filters.
I’ve added the 3 gps graphic filters on the video track (one for map, one for speed, one for heartrate) all of them are using same TCX file
Settings for all filters GPS option → no gps offset (0 days, 0 hours, 0 min, 0 sec) I also pressed the button “Reset to defaults”
I have a timelapse clip as first clip (I don’t want gps data on that so all the filters have start filter key frame at the beginning of the second clip.
Previewing the in shotcut looks great on each clip in timeline;
After exporting the entire clip (or even exporting a marker) only the first gps filter in the filter list is in sync with the movie the other gps filters are not.
I tried with a project with GPU effects and without GPU effects same result.
I tried to add an offset (even if is not matching with the video) of 1 sec then it seems that is 1 sec off but 1 sec is too much for me.
I also tried to add the filters on each clip but I have same result.

This is due to the automatic sync feature added as many people complained the filter is not working as they haven’t synced properly. Sometimes if the sync is 0 the other conditions are not enough to detect the proper “one time new filter only” auto sync. As you mention a 1s offset is the workaround for now.

I’ll try to find a fix or just remove that auto sync in a future version.


please try export .tcx to ,gpx and try if this works for you

A setting to disable it, and set it on true by default and maybe it will cover all scenarios.
1s off set is not ok for me because my clips are FPV on biking one second is a lot on higher speed

I tried also converting TCX to GPX and I have same behavior … unfortunately… I’m looking for other workaround…

I found a better workaround.

  1. Create the GPS filter with original TCX file.
  2. Press "Sync start of GPS to start of video file, this will set some numbers in GPS offset section
  3. I’ve adjusted the TCX file to match the start time with video start time (time that is displayed on the bottom of the GPS graphics filter)
    for this I used Add Time Stamps to GPX TCX or FIT Files | Strava
  4. Load the new TCX file
  5. Set the offset with the values from step 2