Gps filter wont Sync

I have been trying to get the data to sync with video. If i get the data to display it does not change with video. Any Suggestions?

See if this helps

What location are you talking about?

Thanks for your reply Paulus.

I have clicked on the 3rd button and others and just won’t sync. I have looked over tutorial. I am attaching a document that has a portion of the raw data maybe that might be the problem. I convert it to gpx. Does the Speed options come into play as far as syncing do they need to be increased or decreased? Thanks!

2022-02-28_110631.pdf (49.6 KB)

Hi Sintre,

If your talking about where in the world, this is AIS data over the water in southeast Alaska, Thx!

I have just tried on the latest version of Shotcut, 22.01.30. As soon as I click the 3rd button in, it displays the telemtry. I then play the video and the GPS data changes over time.

Here is the data I used.


Not sure what I am doing wrong. I clicked 3rd button but, you can see no data in video box. I’ll keep trying. Thanks for Responding:)

Looking at this data in the .pdf it seems there is a very long time between the points, for example there is a 6 minute gap between 1st and 2nd points, same with 2nd and 3rd, etc. If this is the entire data set then it’s too unreliable to process.
Regular GPS tracks have ~1 second intervals.

If you open the track in any other program (I use GPXsee on windows) does it show the track and details?

Hi Daniel47,

Yes, this data is at best 1 minute increments, Sometimes several minutes. Thought I would give it a try see if it would work. Thanks Much!

You might be interested in this utility I created last year to show GPS-recorded speed and elevation in graphical form.

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Thanks Elusien!!

This looks intriguing, will definitely give it a try.


You were right. I interpolated data in the original data set and now the sync is working, Woo-hoo!

Thanks For your Help!!

Glad it worked out.

There’s an intentional “pause” detection in the algorithm that detects long gaps (10+ seconds if I’m not mistaken) in the gps points and pauses processing for the gap (I’m was mostly thinking of land usage where a car goes through a tunnel and any calculations there would be wrong). I might go around changing that gap detection to something dynamic like the average time between 2 consecutive points in a future update to support this kind of long&rare tracks.

That would be Great, would like to have actual data not, added. The data I often use is not every second, the best is every minute often with gaps of 5, 10, 15 mins or more.

Will try with my Drones data and see if I get the desired result.
Many Thanks!

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