GPS filter and Video synchronicity

Hello everyone. There has been an example GPS filter question before. A sample gps file was sent on that issue…

  • Now I have a gpx file that I created myself…

  • a sample video shot at a different time.

My 1st question is is my sample gpx file in the correct format?
2. How do I synchronize this file with different dates? (clip and gpx file.)

I’ve been struggling for one (1) hour. it didn’t happen anyway.

Thanks in advance for the help friend.


In the instructions, step 3 is to use the offset to synchronize your video with your gps data. Did you try that? What was the result?

Yes, I tried. There was no movement in the gps text filter

Your GPS file has no time, it’s just a set of 25 points (if what you attached is unmodified, you can open it in a text editor to check it), so naturally, there’s no information to sync or to tell Shotcut how fast/slow it should sync to your video.

Also, time is mandatory in gpx standard so I don’t think it will parse (aka it won’t even start to work at all).


Thank you very much. I think it’s because of lack of time. Ok

I prepared another sample file… can we go over it?

gpxgenerator_path.txt (1.0 KB)

Ok, so replace the <wpt> keyword with <trkpt> and it should start showing up. Here’s what I see (with smoothing set to 1 point otherwise it’s rounded up (to 5) by default and due to the small number of points it looks completely different):


Here’s the modified file that works for me (I also added
<trk><trkseg> tags because GPXsee (a free app I use to look at gps files) was picky about tags):
gpxgenerator_path.gpx.txt (1.1 KB)

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Yes, I understand this part. before you text…

I compared it with the file I asked in the previous location. (GPS.gpx) that’s how I noticed it.

the problem is solved. and I got it. Thank you very much.

  • Is there an application that creates the gpx file while recording with the phone?

Just Google:

GPX Tracker Apps for Android & iOS


Thank you

I’ve been using gps logger for at least 5 years and it does the job really well (it’s also free and open source):


Thank you. I understood the GPS text event in Shotcut…

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