Goto fuction in playlist disappears

I start a new project and add a few clips to the playlist. The Goto function in the playlist is available. When I select the project viewer the clips show up as little numbers in the viewer. Using the Goto funtion I can go to individual clips in the viewer.

As soon as I add a video track to the timeline the Goto function disappears.

Is there a way to access this function after a track is added to the timeline?

Project viewer.

That menu item is for a playlist project. As soon as you add a track to the timeline, it is now a timeline project. If you want to view something in the Playlist when you have a timeline project, double-click it.

Got it.

Would be nice if it would be available for a timeline project.

It is, but it is hidden to reinforce the concepts. People get confused easily. See the shortcuts page.

Got it.