GoPro "Highlights Tags" /Chapters

i can use a Gopro 9 of a friend and found this nice feature, witch i can mark “Highliths” while filming.

now. i can’t see any option anywhere to use those markers in any application. Only a automated Highlight Video is generated from the GoPro Cloud.

when i open a Video in VLC, i can jump to the Hilight Tag via “rightclick”->PlayBack->Chaper->(1,2,3…). so those Tags/Markers are in the Mp4 File.

is there a way to get those markers in shotcut and insert Markers?
or does anyboddy have a usefull easy “workflow” or “Lifehack”.

this woud massivly improve my editing speed for the Floorball Highlight videos i create for my Kids

instead of waching the complette machted to get special Moments

thank you

Not available
Use another player including GoPro Player, go to a highlight, note the time. Now, in Shotcut, go to that time (there is a keyboard shortcut) with the clip in the Source player. Keep in mind that most players do not use a full time code with a sub-second field counter and might only show minutes:seconds. See the bottom of this page for more info about entering time:

Thank you for your help.
i’ve found a pythonscript witch extratcs the Times for the “Highlights” on Blaming GoPro-Highlight-Parser/GP Highlight at master · icegoogles/GoPro-Highlight-Parser · GitHub

with smal changes, i have a nice output with witch i can work with:

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