Glow Intensity

I’m missing an additional parameter ‘intensity’, from 0 to 255.
If it’s too bright, I need the levels filter to reduce gamma.


That would be useful.
But on the other hand, it takes only a couple of seconds to add the Levels filter and reduce the brightness of the Glow filter.

I think quality may be lost if the brightness is increased with Glow filter and reduced in a second step.

Here is how to control the intensity of any video filter by blending the filtered image with the unfiltered one (similar to a “wetness” parameter you can see in some Shotcut audio filters or in other apps). The trick is to use Mask filters but with no actual masking and then adjust the alpha channel which controls the amount of blending:

  1. Add the Mask: From File > Threshold to 100% to affect the entire image. This takes a snapshot of the image at this point in the sequence of filters. Since there are no prior filters, this is a snapshot of the unfiltered image.
  2. Add the Opacity filter to adjust the alpha channel that covers the entire image.
  3. insert your non-mask filter here
  4. Add Mask: Apply to blend the filtered image with the unfiltered image before Mask: From File.

I realize this is not obvious and non-trivial. I will add a filter set to the next version to serve as an example.

Pro Tip: change the Threshold to 50% to make a side-by-side comparison of the image before and after the filter and its intensity.

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