Global Filter Preset

It seems that the filter presets save the values for just one filter each — am I correct on this?

If this is so, would it be possible to have a single preset for all of the checked audio and video filters, so that multiple presets can be invoked with just one click? I generally use the Sharpen and Color Grading filters together.

Thank you.

That’s just one more click than you’re asking for. :slight_smile:

Suppose I had a long list of audio and video filters.

I could be wrong, but I am unaware of any NLE where this can be done. You can apply LUTs which are grading presets, but not a whole raft of various video filters including audio filters all in one hit.
You can also import a LUT in Shotcut btw.

It’s not a bad idea. Your resistance to it seems unwarranted.

I’m not aware of any software providing such a feature. Sounds both useful and annoying to support if filter development is in a state of flux.

Workaround: keep a clip around with the “template” filters applied and use the copy and paste filters feature.

Lightworks has this capability. The user can create a stack of effects and save them as an FX template.

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I’m not resisting, ffs! It’s a discussion forum so I’m discussing. Chill out man… :roll_eyes:

And add audio effects as well as video effects??

LW has separate video and audio effects panels. The video effects templates can only be applied in the video panel and the audio templates can be applied in the audio panel, They cannot be mixed together.

Thanks. This was my point in discussion with Chris.


Sure, why not if it’s technically possible?

I think the developers would know the answer to that better than anyone else.

Similar to what @qubodup mentioned, is this like a variant of copy/paste filters where you can name the collection of filters?
Should Copy Filters and this feature request only copy the ones that are checked?

Like the regular presets are now, only it would save all filters that are checked at the time the preset is created with a user-entered name, just like the presets do now.

You might want to add another button next to the one that currently saves filters. It would be a “save checked” button that would save all checked filters.

While we’re on the topic of enhancements, I will lobby for another one, previously suggested:

In the Color Grading UI, would it be possible to add a numeric readout to the master slider for each of lift, gamma and gain? It would allow setting all three channels to the same value for R, G and B simply by entering one numeric value. It would be much more convenient than entering values for the three channels individually.

I see that the Color Grading UI is a little tight on screen real estate. Perhaps add them above the color wheels, between the wheels and the text above them?

The numeric readouts as they are now have been a tremendous boost to the usefulness of this filter. Thank you for adding them.

Thank you.