Glitch help required

I want to glitch only myself in a particular video ,not the whole video…How do i do it?..( just like magical lasso tool in photoshop)?

I presume you meant the “MAGNETIC” lassoo tool in photoshop, which is a selection tool that can select an object with, say, 80-90% accuracy and all you have to do is drag a lazy outline around it?

No there is no such feature in Shotcut.

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There are some hacks that might work depending on the video. (No guarantees.)

  1. Record the background element without you in it. Then separately record yourself against a solid color background like a green screen or some white seamless. Stack the videos in Shotcut with yourself on V2, apply a Chroma filter to knock out the solid color, then glitch whatever remains. (Or glitch first then Chroma, whichever looks better.)

  2. If the video is already recorded with you in it, but you aren’t moving around much in the video, then you could export a frame of the video, bring it into Photoshop to make a black/white mask outline of yourself, put two stacked copies of the video on the timeline, then on the V2 video use some “Mask: From File” filtering to knock out the background and glitch what remains. (Or glitch then mask, whichever looks better.)

  3. If you are moving a lot in the video, then… yeah, I got nothing. Unless you make a black/white “close enough” mask in Photoshop and you are willing to glitch some of the area beyond your outline while you move, then keyframe the mask to follow you around. Definitely far from perfect, but a glitch doesn’t have perfect edges either, so it might work.

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