Glitch filter and new "Speed" parameter


I really like Glitch filter. However I have impression that it’s missing one important parameter which I would call “Speed”.

Theoretically we have “Frequency” parameter but increasing/decreasing it, changes the number of blocks on the screen and it doesn’t have any impact on the speed (how quickly block appears and disappears). Sometimes it would be good to have “slower” effect which means that ex. when new block appear, it’s visible in the same place ex. for 5 frames and then it moves/disappear. Sure it shouldn’t be “synchronized”, which means that if 5 blocks appear in frame no 1 and disappears in frame no 5, still new blocks can appear in frame no 2 and new in frame no 3 etc. (in the sense it’s not blocking).

Without this “Glitch” effect seems to be very eye catching whatever “Frequency” parameter we set. If it would be possible to make it slower, it will have “lower impact on brain” in the sense that ex. people with epilepsy or similar diseases would suffer less.

What do you think about this idea?