Glaxnimate vector animation

Hello, I’ve been trying out Glaxnimate, and I really like it so far. I want to vector trace two bitmaps, and somehow link them so they’re the same vector shape, then make a tween animation.

For example, bitmap 1 is a circle, bitmap 2 is a star. I’d like to vector trace both bitmaps, then make a tween animation, so a circle shape becomes a star shape. Is that possible with Glaxnimate?

Yes, you can turn a star into a circle if you start by drawing a star and manipulating its parameters to make it rounder

in this example I transform a star into a circle
I use keyframe on inner_radius and outer_roundness of the polystar shape if inner_radius and outer_radius have the same value and the inner_radius have a 100% value the shape is a circle :slight_smile:


Pretty cool! Thanks @Kamigeek.

Thanks for the helpful reply. It doesn’t sound like I will be able to convert two separate bitmaps into one vector with a tweening animation. But this is good info that I can use for my project (an indie game).

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