Glaxnimate Text looks thinner when exported in final video

Hey everyone.

I decided to use Glaxnimate for a small part of my project to get some experience with the tool. I used Glax to create some text that would be used in Shotcut instead of the built in Text filter… The text looks fine in Glax and Shotcut, but when I export from Shotcut to the final video, the text looks thinner than what it actually is. It’s as if Shotcut exported with a lighter typeface entirely

How the text looks in Glaxnimate (Typeface: Ariel Black Size 36)

How the text looks in Shotcut

How the text looks in the exported video (Looks like Ariel Narrow)

PS: IDK how to add the Glaxnimate tag

I tried with a few fonts, including Arial Black and all my exports look the same as the previews in Shotcut or Glaxnimate. I also tried with Proxy/Preview Scaling enabled. Same thing, all good.
This a strange problem.

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