Glaxnimate Text Animation

How can I simply animate text in Glaxnimate? Can you show with an example?

Thanks in advance to the helper.

Watch some of the existing video tutorials that animate a rectangle or ellipse. You can do the same with text since they are all shape objects. For some things, you might need to convert the text into a Path or Mask. Otherwise, if you want something more advanced you need to be more specific and hope someone can answer. You might want to download some simple animations and study their construction within Glaxnimate to learn more.

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Unfortunately you can count the number of Glaxnimate tutorials on the web on the fingers of 1 hand. However, Glaxnimate can use Lottie files as its input and there are number of these that do text animation. See here:


Thank you very much for the answers. I’ll have to do a few tries.

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