Glaxnimate Rotate and Move Issue

I have an image in Glaxnimate on the left of my screen and I want it to move to the right hand side and rotate clockwise 360 deg. However whenever I try to do this, my image rotates clockwise 180 deg and then anti-clockwise 180 deg. What am I doing wrong?

What are you using to do the animation? The Size, Position & Rotate filter or Glaxnimate?

Purely in Glaxnimate… just wondering why it will not give me a clean 360 deg rotation?

Hi @Johnny_Debt
The Rotation keyframes set from 0 to 360 works fine on my version of Glaxnimate.

And the result with rotate and position keyframes (in Glaxnimate)

Once again I have to thank you, for a simple and elegant solution. I was rotating the image using the handles on the object, rather than putting in the actual degrees as you demonstrate. Thanks again MB.

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You’re welcome @Johnny_Debt

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