Glaxnimate not working

This is probably the 5th time doing this one pice of a 3 min vid and I have spent a lot of time on but it keeps doing this to me please help before I loose my sanity been trying to fix for 4 days

Hi @lincolnconnock

First of all, do yourself a favor and download a proper screen recorder. That will allow you to record good quality video captures of your screen.
There are many to choose from. These two for example:
OBS works on most operating systems but is a little difficult to use.
ShareX is easier to use, but only works on Windows.

Anyways, your shaky, vertical video doesn’t tell us much. We only see a part of the timeline and it’s not the part where the keyframes are visible. All we can tell you is that your keyframes aren’t set properly. But I guess you already know that. :wink:

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