Glaxnimate- Hold Key-Frame, Opacity value locked


I’m looking at the “Camera viewfinder Overlay” posted on this forum.

I’m interested in replicating the blinking “red dot” effect using “Hold” key-frames to change the Opacity of the object from 100% (show) on the first key-frame, then to 0% (hide) on the next, etc…


I’m sure this is really easy, and I’ll kick myself when someone tells me, but… How were the values changed to 0%?

When I add a key-frame to a timeline, change it’s type to locked, then attempt to change the Opacity value, I can’t.


To change the property of a keyframe to Hold in Glaxnimate:

  1. Right-click on the keyframe.
  2. Change both sides of the keyframe to Hold


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It was a simple fix! I was adding the keyframe first to the timeline then attempting to change it’s value, when I should have been setting the value first then adding the keyframe!
The video was excellent. Thank you for the help!

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