Glaxnimate: Animated Box Border Tutorial

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@MusicalBox recommended a new tutorial topic covering this, so here it is! I am re-posting the link (and hopefully it doesn’t constitute cross-posting).

HTH. Enjoy.

EDIT: No need to eyeball, just pay close attention to the x/y coords on the first double click, and replicate the numbers from there on in. I just did a test and it is super easy.

P.S. I may create a new topic on the intro, just to see if anyone can come up with a more efficient method than my approach (which feels slightly clunky).


I like your intro! Excellent; I learned how to keyframe the addition of path nodes from this.

filter icon mask draw


Thanks :slight_smile:

When I received email notification of your post, I wondered wth the kitty cat was doing there (there was no animation of course)! And I thought, if he’s calling me a pussy, surely that should be a lion or a tiger?!?!

I just tidied the intro up, but will post as a new topic under “help/how to” if that’s OK, since I’m curious if it can be done better.

One thing I discovered; 5 seconds might not be long enough in some instances, at least not without having to create a png of the last frame (I had to do that) so it might not hurt to drag it out a little longer, unless repeat is what is required. That can be done by altering the duration from 5 to 10 seconds, and the thing will play twice. I found that odd since it can just be copied, but it works nonetheless.