Gitched Project

One day recently, I got on a project that I had worked on a few days prior that I hadn’t had time to export after editing. Well, due to the fact that I had already fully edited the video, I went straight to exporting when I came back to the project. After about an hour of exporting, I checked the video file, and it seemed to have removed the video clips that I had left in the video and kept the parts that I had removed in the video. I decided to go and actually look at the timeline and watch the edit in the mini viewing area and it played just how it did as I exported the project. At this point I was worried about the project, so I exited the software and didn’t save anything as I did. I then reopened the file and it was fixed. I don’t know if my computer read the file wrong or if it was an issue with the software itself. Anyway, I thought that I’d bring it to your attention in case it wasn’t just an isolated incidence on my part.