GIF export fails on v17.10

First, thanks for this very useful free open source software.

The bug found : Recently I noticed that I can’t export to gif anymore with v17.10. I tried with v17.08 (pre ffmpeg update) and it worked like a charm. Logs said that “Formats with a palette require a minimum alignment of 4” and also shows an error about using a function deprecated while trying to converting to gif which… i didn’t copy unfortunelly.
The settings to convert to gif my video was exactly the same in both tries, and only pre ffmpeg update version did it.

This issue was found on a windows 10 machine 64 bits using v17.10 for windows 64 bits.

Thanks in advance

Yeah, we are going to have to drop this preset and codec.

so… no more gif export? :frowning:

Kdenlive still does gif exports.

That all depends on how MLT is built. If it using FFmpeg > 3.0 it will not work as it is a limitation of MLT that it broke with newer FFmpeg. I know as I am the MLT lead developer. At least with Shotcut builds I provide we can clearly communicate about it instead of the “it depends.” Sorry, but GIF is not just very high priority for me.

I’m not that interested in gif.

Just wanted to let Nadd_Ieen know that Kdenlive is an option for gif now that Shotcut is no longer offering that export choice.:slight_smile:

Environment: Ubuntu 23.04, Shotcut 23.05.14.

GIF export fails, how do you set the GIF Animation preset during Export? I selected in the list, but still fails.

Use case: convert a mp4 video and turn it into a GIF (if that is even possible?)

You are replying to a 6 year old thread that is no longer relevant. I am closing it now.

Which list? There are very many lists in Shotcut. You need to choose Export > Presets > Stock > GIF Animation. It works for me; just tested and verified.