Ghost effect propagates to the rest of the clips

This is something I’ve been experiencing for two days now. I’m editing a video where I’m pasting some images on a different video track. I select a resize/rotate filter for one of these images. I set up some values. Since I’m going to use exactly the same setting for additional images I press the copy icon on Filters. I paste the same filter on some other images. Everything looks fine but, after a while, the same filter appears to be applied on the rest of the video tracks, but upon inspection Shotcut does not show any filters being applied to them, but they’re visible in the preview screen. Much cursing follows. Then I notice that this “ghost” effect disappears when I double click on any of the clips in the Playlist and then go back to the Timeline. From this point on, this ghost effect appears every time I make any modifications, even if it’s just a simple nudge. So I have to go double-click any clip from the playlist after any work is made on the timeline to make this ghost go away. If I export the video without doing this double-click the ghost effect is exported as well. Could somebody please let me know what am I doing wrong?

Without any specifications for someone to duplicate the issue, it would be really hard to provide adequate help.

There are 3 different ways to make a video with Shotcut. Source, Playlist, and Timeline. Applying a filter to the Source, will not change that clip in the Playlist, nor that same clip on the Timeline. Same with applying filters to clips in the Playlist. If you’re applying filters to clips on the Timeline, it will only affect those clips on the timeline.

When you go to export, you have several options of where to export from: Source, Playlist, Timeline, and Markers. If you export from Timeline, it only uses clips and filters on the Timeline, ignoring all other filters applied to clips in Playlist or Source.

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Sounds like accidental pasting to a track. It is possible (unknown conditions) that the track header filters icon does not appear when it should. The safest and easiest thing to do is to save as a different name, close, restart, and reopen the project. Then review the situation.

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