Getting video to slide atop another

I’m in the middle of a ShotCut project. I want the small video seen moving from the lower area to the top-left to slide over the main video, not under it. I can’t figure out why it’s doing the move underneath the other one instead. I’m using keyframes with the Move and Resize and Crop Rectangle filters.

What do I need to adjust?

Forgive me the the dumb question, but: is the video you want to have above the other one actually above in your timeline?

When asking questions like this it is always best to include a screenshot of the whole Shotcut window. That way we can see what the track setup on your timeline looks like, rather than having to ask questions about what your track setup is.


Suggestion noted. Sorry for leaving out important info.

The big video is the bottom track.Th one I’m dragging visually, the jumping-jacks one, is Video #4. Video #5 is the tiny rightmost video at the bottom.

Can you provide the mlt? So I could have a look with whatsoever source videos on my computer for getting into it.

Thanks, @theimer, I’ve made a copy of it in its current state and shared it here until X-Mas 2022.

Much obliged!

Sorry this didnt work with my own content. Can you provide the source files, too?

Sent shares in a private message. Thanks!

OK, now the problem is quite easy to find & solve: There is missing one keyframe at the beginning of the crop filter. You have to move this filter simultaneously to the resize filter, otherwise the juming jack slides into the crop box and that looks like it would be sliding underneath the main video.
The other option is to apply the crop filter first and then resizing and moviing the cropped jumping jack.
Cropping AND resizing is always a bit fiddly.


Great! Thanks for all the help and the diagnosis!

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