Getting Lost in Montevideo Trying to Find A German Bakery! 16mm color graded

My latest trip. :slight_smile: Moral of the story, don’t rely on Google earth while traveling or living abroad!


Just some friendly advice to make you video more interesting
When making a video, you need to think about the story you want to tell
the music sound it is an action movie, don’t fit well with the content, maybe some more relaxed music.
The street noise is to high, turn it down or remove it
cut ir down to shorter sequences, with the most interesting parts of the location, a very long take makes the viewer loose interest in the video.
Film some B footage from the location, and use it for make the video more interesting.
Film at 60 FPS and slow it down to get some smooth slow motion clips.
Use 24 FPS for a more cinematic look

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