Getting images to cascade/zoom off screen?

Hello - I’ve been using Shotcut for a while, and I cannot figure out a way to get a set of images to zoom in and off the screen, similar to the first video example below (just the opening). Is there any way to achieve this with Shotcut? Thank you!

Probably with masks, possibly with glaxnimate. Here’s a tutorial a user on here made with transitions very similar to the ones you’re showing:

Keyframing using a Size, Position, & Rotate (SPR) filter on each image (with each image on a separate track) will easily achieve this. This will get you started:

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Here is a quick dirty example:

Here is a zip of the mlt and all associated images. Just unzip anywhere and open the mlt in Shotcut to examine. (2.3 MB)


Wow really really nice @PoisonedSlice Mark, thanks for sharing

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