Getting Blue Screen "Driver Power State Failure" Error

I’ve been getting a blue screen with the error message “Driver Power State Failure”

I restarted my laptop and it got fixed but it keeps showing randomly in every 5 mins and I don’t know how to fix it.

Any suggestions or links would help.

P.S. I have already gone through the first page of Google by searching the error. No Luck :frowning:

How is this related to Shotcut?

Sometimes looking through Microsoft’s Forum may actually help with especially with such recent dates.
Oh yea, this is on Page 1.

I found some threads related to Windows Errors on Shotcut itself. That’s why I thought to maybe give a shot.

Also, I’ve gone through the Microsoft forum and they ask to contact the support team. Also, I am not a techie to understand the errors enough.

Sorry if I’ve asked the wrong question on this Forum.

There is this post in the forum, but it’s dealing with GPU settings, nothing to do with Shotcut directly.

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Depending on the age of the laptop it may be failing unfortuantly(check it’s smart health) shotcut isn’t a cause of this however the extra load it applies during something like an export could certainly trigger it.

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The laptop isn’t that old. I have a Dell Inspiron 15 7000.

Then verify the drive health using crystal disk info

Thanks for reaching out. This is the result of the test.

Although that drive is responding as “Good” by primary metrics it’s demonstrating a “Read Error Rate” and looking at the hex a non insignificant number of errors. If you still have support on your laptop I would contact dell to have them diagnose if it’s the drive or a mainboard issue.

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Hey, as @D_S suggested, I would also recommend you to contact the support team because you might not find a proper solution on random errors.

However, if you want to give a last shot towards this error, then I’ll suggest you follow this.

Try all the steps mentioned here -

Next step, Go to through these links and check all the fixes

Lastly, stop asking irrelevant questions in the forums.

Hi, I am really sorry for putting it in the Shotcut forum. Anyway, I’ll try all of what you mentioned.

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