German shotcut Tutorials / Shotcut Tutorials auf Deutsch

Dear all at first thank you very much for this great programm. I use it as default video edditing software on my youtube channel. My Youtube channel is abaut software tipps and tricks and Youtube itself. In there I create a couple of shotcut Tutorials in German are you maybe intrested to use them for your website or put them inside this forum ? As answers for german visitors ? Maybe this could be helpfull. If you are intrested in it I will be happy to send you a list and the topics.

Best regards Marcel

German / Deutsche Shotcut Tutorials

Anfänger Tutorial
Bilder einfĂĽgen
Hardware encoding aktivieren
Schnellerer Videoschnitt mit Shotcuts
Animationen erstellen
Chromakey / Greenscreen Tutorial
Sepia Filter Video auf Alt trimmen

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I noticed that in your most recent Shotcut tutorial you’re using a version of Shotcut from several months back. You should make sure to always be using the latest version especially if you are going to be making tutorials on Shotcut. Make sure to let your subscribers know about the latest versions as they come out too.

Hi thx thats a good point. Did a update right now and the filters working in the same way :slight_smile: so must not create the last 11 videos new. I will include in my previors videos the notice of the new Shotcut version and offer also a link to community and download page.

Not all of them are the same. Since the version you had, the Size & Position filter got merged with the Rotate & Scale filter. It’s now Size, Position & Rotate.

Shotcut updates are frequent. They are almost monthly. So it may not be useful to say there is a new update now as a notice when there will be another probably in the next month or two. It’d be better to just keep up with the latest releases and make videos about the new versions as they come out. :slightly_smiling_face:

We appreciate your videos about Shotcut! Please add a link to your YouTube playlist in the original post. Then, change the category (available when you try to edit the subject line of the post) to #tutorial.

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Thx I added some extra information about the included Videos. Have a nice evening

Oh ok I just checked my new videos for release in the next 4 weeks, but so I can add one more on my list and make a new one ,-)

Neues Tutorial - Videoübergänge Transitions | Überblenden
Der Playliste HinzugefĂĽgt.

2 neue Tutorials der Playliste hinzugefĂĽgt:

Neues Tutorial ist Online:
Shotcut Audio Exportieren | Video 2 Mp3

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Hi @ComputerKumpel
I watched a few of your tutorials and even if I don’t speak German I can see you cover each subject very well and in a way beginners can easily follow. Well done and keep up the good work. :+1:

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Hi @MusicalBox thx for your feedback, yea i really try to do each step slowy so eaven if you dont speak german it should be possible to get the info out of the video. :wink: have a nice day

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Ein Neues Tutorial ist Online Shotcut Lautstärke Anpassen | z.B. Musik leiser / Lauter

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