Generative Music edited in shotcut

Using the Audio: Spectrum Display overlaid a gradient then
adding a keyframed Equirectangular to Rectilinear, lots of glow and Vertigo

Lots of experimental fun seeing the interactions of generative music and Shotcuts audio to video!


Anybody remembers Winamp and its cool visualizations? That reminds me of that.
Very impressive, clever and beautiful mix of filters. Congratulations.

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That’s cool.

I wonder if that ever could be made into a plugin that we could all use.

An additional comment, is that it looks sortof facish shape and it would be nice if it had lipsync and could speak text and you could use that as a face and voice replacement.

My comments are above my current skill-level. Great job already.

“It Really Whips the Llama’s A**”

More music controlling the animation with Shotcut.



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