GBA Style intro

Done with multiple tracks containing transparent clips with text on them. I used the “Size & Position” filter for movement, “Colour Grading” for the colours and “Mask: Simple shape” for the fade out effect at the end. Along with a load of keyframes, of course.

Made as an intro for a minecraft series I am starting with some school friends.


Impressive work. :slightly_smiling_face: That looks totally like an animation done with Text: HTML.

Yeah. That was the look I was going for, but its all vanilla stock shotcut. Just shows how powerful the built in tools and filters are.

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How long did this take to keyframe? Curious minds need to know.

It took me about 5 minutes to make the keyframes for the starting animation, another 3 for the ending animation, and then about 10 with the masking for the fade out. It needed lots of debugging to get the look I wanted. Other than that, I just used duplicates of the same layer for each letter so it was just a matter of making a stack of tracks, each with a delay of about 2 frames compared to the last, changing the letter and repositioning it. In total I think it took about just over 30 minutes. I have the project file for it but shotcut for some reason throws hissy fits when I try to open it. If and when it works, I’ll try to show a screenshot of the timeline and the keyframes etc.

Update: the file seemed to open fine on my ubuntu laptop.

You can see all the layers here.

Here is the actual project file: It opens perfectly for other users because I didnt use any images that required a file path, it was all built in shotcut stuff. However, the font will be different because I dont have the minecraft font on my laptop. I would need to transfer it over from my windows desktop for it to work properly.

Intro.mlt (71.8 KB)

Have fun!


Good work @scellycraftyt, impressive result. And thanks for the screenshot and MLT file. :+1:

Jeez, what a good and impressive work! Thans for the file!

Nice … didn’t know size position with keyframe can achieve this kind of effect …
Seems like bouncing words … hmm if any tips will be appreciated.

All I can really say is just experiment with all shotcut has to offer, you will pick it all up after a while and will notice you can do things thou never knew you could do before. I mess about with keyframes and masks a lot and I love experimenting with new filters when they come out, for example, the 3d tracking thingy I did a while ago.

It all really just boils down to being creative and playing with as many things as you can in the software, it helps you understand it better.

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