Garble / alienate my voice

Hello, Shotcut experienced,

I want to record screencasts with voice for software training videos. I’m using CamStudio*. I am fine with my colleagues recognizing my voice, but I want to publish my vids as a kind of vlog or on Xing, don’t know yet, and I want to make my voice unrecognizable but not uneasy to listen to, so, not e.g. Mickey Mouse. Do you know of a free filter for Shotcut I can use right away, or do you have a pattern of filters you use for that purpose? I think splitting audio and video and using Audacity for the audio edit, and then demux it again, is too much to learn in my spare time.

If it makes any difference, the formats CamStudio exports to are .avi (haven’t read about the actual codecs inside, and won’t unless issues force me to), .mp4, and .swf. I tried .avi and .mp4 with shotcut, works fine.

*I read Shotcut can take screencasts, but I didn’t find the menu as described in the help. Do I have to install Shotcut to make it happen, I use the portable version, or is it a question of the Windows version (still use 7, pssst)?

Thank you for reading.

Removed a long time because it was not good. Windows 10 and macOS now have built-in screen capture. A lot of people use OBS Studio for maximum features and control.

Hello shotcut,

thank you for your great recommendation, I guess I will like OBS for it’s free and open source, can be downloaded as a .zip … like shotcut.

I interpret your skipping of answers now :wink: : OBS might have filters I am searching for, I will probably not need to edit the audio tracks afterwards, or can with OBS, and shotcut is not the tool of choice for garbling my voice!?

I’ve done some really basic editing of self recorded videos in great Shotcut so far, I am pretty sure I will need Shotcut again. I learn software during projects, and first by operational instructions, before I begin to gain better insight; I learn rarely systematically. So, if not for my current screencast project, I would love to file a hint in my KB if there is any filter and / or howto for voice garbling in Shotcut.

Am I the only one asking for it? Sometimes in videos published by others I am pretty sure the voice audio has been edited, but maybe that’s another clientele than the typical Shotcut user, I don’t know. Some just omit any audio or add a music track, and type in notepad or screencast annotations on the screen, which I think is a bit clumsy for a software demo / coaching clip, but shows there is a need for privacy.

Shotcut is video editing software and does have a few tools to edit audio. The best way to learn what Shotcut can do or not do is to try it for yourself. You have a very specific task you need to perform that I have not seen anyone ask for. While Shotcut or any video editor tries it’s best to offer internal tools, there will always better better stand alone tools to use for your project. In your case you’re looking for a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), like Audacity, to fully customize your voice.

I recorded an audio clip of Jerome Powell from YouTube using Audacity.
Here is a comparison video.

This is just one example of just one filter/effect. If you watch any Audacity tutorials on changing voice you’ll quickly see that people use a whole host of effects and processes to get the desired feel they want.

Try the pitch filter.


Hi Hudson, Sauron,

thank you for your answers.

Can I load a video in Audacity, just edit the audio track(s), and Audacity will not touch the video track(s)? I will have to try that. I want to avoid a complex workflow with split and demux.

Changing the pitch garbles my voice, yes, but it’s a pain to listen. Maybe what I ask for, make a garbled voice sound like a natural voice, is not possible.

  1. I will need to dive deeper and experiment with text2speech, though that means a complex workflow including the difficult task of syncing audio and video. (That’s why I wanted to record my own voice first place, and I planned to keep and privately share the o-voice version.)

  2. Or I work with a second best version, on screen captions, maybe newsticker-like in a bar at the bottom of the screen, with Shotcut or OBS, whatever is best. I played with captions in Shotcut already, so I think that will work.

Currently alternative 2. is most probable.

I’m so new to video editing, and even OBS is too hard for me. I have installed many tools on my machine, Audacity, VSDC and RecMaster screen recorder included. Hope in the near future, I could create “great” clips to upload to my YouTube channel like you guys all. :smiley:

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