Game trailer for HopSquash! made with ShotCut, keyframing

Hey guys! I made this “coming soon” trailer for my game, HopSquash! using only ShotCut, and Synfig for the graphical assets between gameplay.

It was my first time using ShotCut’s keyframe feature, which I’m super glad to have, been missing it from Premiere! But my aim is to stay away from “big data” and just work out of Linux and using free programs (such as Godot, to make the game!) and so far so good!


I think my daughter will like this game.
It sounds like fun.
Congratulations and good luck with your creation.

Yes many people have asked me if I can add a “censored mode” so they can play with their kids, so I did! When you enable it, they explode into lollies/candy with a firework sound :slight_smile: Also there is a way to enforce it by editing the settings file so you can’t turn it off via the menu in game.

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