Funny Video Title - HTML animation from Codepen, but NOT done with Text:HTML

I was looking through some animated text effects in Codepen (to try out @elusien’s OBS technique, although I did it with ShareX instead) and came across this one. This is really easy to do.

Open the folder attached, double-click on the html file, and you’ll see “Start Typing” appearing in your browser.

Run “ShareX” or any other screen capture program, set it recording just the central region of the screen (very easy to do in ShareX), then clear the text field and type “Welcome to the Shotcut forum”. Stop recording. Import the screen capture into Shotcut onto V2. Chroma-key out the background colour. Put a black colour clip on V1. Also add a black colour clip to V3 and mask out the edges (some unwanted effects were seen at the edges).

Do the same for “Hellooooo everbody …!”. Add this screen capture to the timeline after the first clip. Edit the start and end points.

Search Google for “Funny music”, download an appropriate video, import onto an audio track. Cut the end to coincide with the text title. Done!! 10 minutes!! :laughing: :heart_eyes:

Text animation from (3.9 KB)

CREDIT GOES TO RACHEL SMITH, the designer of this effect.



Very nice @jonray
The music also lends itself perfectly to the effect.


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Me encanta!!

Funny and good! :smiley: