Fully configurable toolbar

One of the many reasons I love Shotcut is its amazingly configurable interface. There’s one element, though, that isn’t fully configurable - the toolbar. Unless I’m really missing something (always possible!) the only options available are icon size + whether or not to show text under the icons.

On my “Editing” layout, many icons on the toolbar are redundant because their functions are already visible as tabs – so the ability to add/remove icons would be greatly appreciated. As for the six layout options provided, I’d really like to be able to select only the ones I actually use, and also to add any I create from scratch. (Highly personal + trivial niggle: I use “Editing” at least 90% of the time, and I suspect the same is true of most users, so why does “Logging” come first?)

Given that most of the programs I use have fully configurable toolbars, the lack of this feature does kind of stand out in Shotcut. I do appreciate that expanding/enhancing Shotcut’s functionality is more important than any cosmetic tweak. But I couldn’t find this issue on the Roadmap, or mentioned by anyone in Forum postings, so I thought, “Why not flag it up and see what happens?”