"fullscreen" mode Ctrl+Shift+F not working on windows!

Hello friends, how to toggle full-screen mode on windows. Ctrl+Shift+F not working. and there is no option in “View” menu.
Is this feature removed from shotcut on windows or not ?


I seem to recall this was removed some time ago due to stability problems.

Hope, this feature will back soon.
thank you for your response.

I have the same problems in Windows 10. As long as this is not resolved, then Shotcut is useless under Windows 10. Any idea when this could be resolved??

Why on earth is it useless? I and thousands of other uses Shotcut under W10 regularly, it is far from useless.
I see no advantage in ‘Full-Screen’ mode.

Yeah, it’s not useless without “full-screen” feature. I have made many videos using Shotcut. But having “full-screen” option will be plus point.

Advantage of having “full-screen” feature

  1. Distraction free
  2. Maximize the work space

Thank you Shotcut team for providing such a nice open source VES. I found Shotcut is far more batter then Openshot, Flowblade,etc

Maybe implementet in the next version?

It does not work in Windows period. Any floating panel or popup window (volume or dialog) appear behind the main window in Windows. Maximize is good enough.