Full screen mode for small screen doesn't work,

I just have an oversized Shotcut window which i can’t make smaller. what should i do. PS: please fix this. it shouldn’t be too hard.

i mean the window apperars very big and when you click on zoom full screen it does’t work.

it does work to change the window manually to make it smaller but the full screen button doesn’t work.

please fix this.

thank you in advance

Have you tried to “Restore Default Layout”?

i just installed it on my 13 inc laptop.

and everything was set to default.

this is what it looks like when i do that. and if you now click on zoom full screen (the button close to X) it won’t work.

You need to learn to adjust the UI to your liking by learning, exploring, and trying instead of expecting a lowest common denominator as the default. The window title bar is not available in full screen BY DESIGN. You can use File > Quit if you want to close in full screen. In case you do not have a menu then Shotcut is incompatible with your particular flavor of Linux and machine. You can try to change it yourself and submit a patch.

i just mean the window is too big to be viewed on the monitor and if you click on “maximize” it won’t work. I can manually change the width in the corners of the window but not the height. maybe it wasn’t made for a 13" screen. Please add that on the next update :slight_smile:

my distro is xubuntu, theoretically everything that runs in ubuntu should run here

It already supports a very small window. There is a problem particular to your window manager, screen DPI or something that I do not experience or know how to reproduce. Good luck. You can try to fix it for fellow Linux users suffering same problem or use something else.

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I don’t know much about this software or how movie editing works :sweat_smile: currently CS Bachelor student. but did you guys add something where you can specify the exact size of the window, maybe we can make it smaller this way. and then move the corners to fill the screen.

my resolutin is 1920x1080

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