From The Deep South to South America: A Flight Film

Probably my last episode in the states. Left poor Astranator behind, and took course to South America to new lands and adventures. Didn’t have time to film inside the airport, it was a constant rush in and out.

I plan to show a few videos of this country before I head out again.

Had some drop frame issues (stuttering) you may find annoying in the video. I later found out were caused by the phone’s silly variable framerate! Why do they do that? I use my phone when it’s easier/faster to start shooting than with my camera, but after this problem I changed some settings and I hope the framerate stays firmly planted at 30fps.

So if you’ve dropped frames in your video, and you were shooting with your android phone, check your settings! In shotcut’s properties panel, it will show you if your footage has variable framerates.


Great video. I love the skyline shots. Thanks for sharing.

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Glad you like it! Cheers!