Friendly Editing format issue


I wanted to edit videos, but can not find any way to convert video into friendly editing format.

It says that the file is variable frame rate, which is not reliable for editing, and Shotcut asks if I want to convert it to edit-firendly format? Then it says to choose the format as: good (medium), better (large) and best (biggest).

When I try them, I can not edit and watch the video, because it is too slow (not able to watch the video at all, like it stops every second etc.) can not hear the words on the video, just some noise in the background. Do you know maybe what can be done in this case? Or should I download something?

Any advise would be much appreciated, Thank you

It sounds like your computer is too slow for the level (resolution and frame rate) of the video you are trying to use. See

Thank you for your help, and I will follow instructions. I also understand, that in a case ,when I will set up what I need, my computer may not manage that, as it is too slow. Could that be the case?

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