Fresh installation of Win 11 - Shotcut freezes immediately

I have fresh Win 11 installation.
Windows 11 Pro, Version 22H2, operation system build is 22621.2428
Everytime i launch Shotcut for the first time it freezes on modules loading screen but after that it finishes to launch but it freezes there. I have tried reinstalling the softwere (always the newest version from your websites) and I even tried beta version from forum. Everytime it is exactly the same. When I try to launch software for the second time, it stops on modules loading screen and it is impossible to turn off even from Task manager. Even task manager will freeze during this proces and Shotcut is not even displayed here. I have to restart PC at this time. PC is completly new, there is only one another app installed (Thunderbird). I have to say that my second PC (same Win and same Win build) is managing to launch Shotcut immediately (and that one is low end).

I also tried portable version, same result. I start to be desperate. This PC is bought just for video editing and I cant use Shotcut that I am familiar with.

Whatever else you need for better understanding, pls ask.

Screenshot of two freezing screens in link below

I have one update, I tried to turn off Windows defender completly, uninstalled, restarted PC, turned off windows defender again, check for folders in Program Files (there was none called Shotcut), installed without Win Defender (checked option “delete previous settings” during Installation), restarted PC, turned off Win defender again, launched Shotcut as Administrator, loaded and freezed. When I click anywhere, it goes grey and it says “not responding”. Desperate times. Pls help, i start to go mad.

EDIT: During this part, Task Manager show that Shotcut uses 0% of CPU, 128,6MB of memory and 0 MB of Disk and Network,

UPDATE! I just noticed that on my old PC with WIN 11 (the one i mentioned that works just fine) there is verion of Shotcut 22.04.25 - I tried to find older versions of Shotcut and that one particular is working even on my new pc… so i guess I can live with that but it is rly frustrating that every new software creates just more mess into the process than old ones… :frowning: :slight_smile:

It reminds me one song…
“Do you know why I click later? Because there is no option to click never. I hate updates.”