Frei0r cartoon Filter (working code)

I decided to throw together the ui for the frei0r cartoon filter before bed. Fastest two minute code I’ve ever done. I’ve saved them as .txt files and put them up here. They will show up as “cart00n0r” in your filters.

meta.txt (901 Bytes)
ui.txt (3.0 KB)

To get them to work, change the suffix to .qml and put them in a folder in your filter folder. This is the same process described elsewhere about making custom filters.

EDIT: Fixed a label

EDIT: I tried to fix the preset problem, broke it again.

EDIT: Fixed the preset problem. New UI uploaded


Updated the ui.txt in the original post so presets work. The issue was a bracket not being where it was supposed to be.


Had you a chance to create your own filter? I’m searching for an example how to make a filter with python for example.