Freezing when using long videos

Look let me level with you I edit down hour-long videos usually for friends and whatnot when I am free it is my time to destress and everything with this program has been working well up until recently longer videos have been starting to make the program not respond about videos that are 40 minutes+ and I have read the FAQ and the proxy does not help because it uses all of my available CPU and I do have the minimum system requirements and I feel stressed out and just want help my anxiety cannot really take this sort of stuff.

these are my computer specs just in case you needed to really know and I am just hoping someone can help me with this because I sure as hell cannot really do much.

Device name (not available for obvious reasons)
Processor Intel(R) Core™ i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz
Installed RAM 8.00 GB

Did you try “Proxy Editing” like @MusicalBox suggested in your other post Freezing when two videos are in the output - #2 by MusicalBox? It lowers the resolution of the clips you are editing, so the processor has much less work to do, which should stop the “freezing”, then when you export it uses the original, higher resolution clips.

This has worked for me and many others.

Proxy editing is not available to me good sir it uses all of my cpu for some reason

Does it not respond forever? How long did you wait? Shotcut can be slow for some things as you experienced. Sometimes it will say that it is not responding for several seconds and then return. That is just the way it is on a slow computer or with certain combinations of things.

Proxy editing is not available to me good sir it uses all of my cpu for some reason

It is available, and it is normal that it uses most of the CPU. This is another case of where something needs time, and you need to give it time to let it generate the proxy. See the Jobs panel for progress. Be patient, or do not use the Timeline for long videos. You can edit long videos that only need one track by using only the Playlist, and that will not be as slow.

The proxy job fails like whatever it is trying to do it is giving me a negative no matter how much time I allow it to do like just a red x constantly in the jobs list constantly and it is a wee bit uh dangerous because I mean when I tested it with nothing else running in the background that was not necessary it used up 94 percent of my cpu the last 6 was just windows apps in the background and the window takes up to like thirty seconds before unfreezing then I get one frame of movement then it just freezes again and it has never done that til recently I have edited two hour-long hiking trips of my aunt and uncle and its just never done this and I have not changed anything to do with the computer so I am just stumped ya know?

also I tested a few other editing software and it has not done the same thing so it does not appear to be a speed thing

This is probably due to the fact that your computer’s memory is not able to meet the demands of the software. Here are several basic suggestions may help you.

  1. Clean up your computer memory including unwanted junk files, cache, etc.
  2. Delete some apps that you don’t need and which will automatically open in the background when you turn on your computer.
  3. Transfer some large files on your computer desktop to other hard drives to keep your desktop neat and tidy.

Try to disable “Use Hardware encoder” it can give problems.

2022-03-10 11_41_55-long_movie.mlt_ - Shotcut

none of those helped sorry for the trouble if I caused any but it seems like I will need to move to a new software either until I can upgrade my computer or just like find a laptop and I wanna just say this I am not using the program because its bad I am not using it because my computer seems to be bad with the program

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