Freezing when two videos are in the output

To explain the program is heavily freezing when having two separate tracks in the same simple project non which has any filters put on or any cuts nothing advanced but it just keeps freezing I have tried my best with making it do what it is supposed to do due to the information from the FAQ which musicalbox down there has linked to and this forum or tread is just me trying to figure out how I can fix this because I do not wish to use a different program because I mean this one right here is pretty damn amazing.

Hi @404_coffee

First, check if your computer meets the minimum system requirements:

Then you can try these:

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I have checked the FAQ minimum requirements and for those settings and unfortunately I cannot use proxy and the reason will be stated in a bit later on and the program did work I used this program for months about lets say during june 2021 without any issues like this and the fact this is happening is starting to worry me and also here are my specs and if I was wrong about being the minimum requirements please do tell me

Device name [redacted for a personal reason]
Processor Intel(R) Core™ i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz
Installed RAM 8.00 GB

I am unsure what to do because I cannot find an error there are no statistics that I know of that I can use to help figure out what the problem is like if its the CPU, GPU, memory, or just the encoder it self and speaking of which I have not gotten and encoder issue only it responding and then not and again.

Update: Tried updating to the beta just to see if the same problem still happens just as a test and its using all of my CPU and its not the fault of the beta because on the stable version it is doing the same thing apperently the Proxy is trying to do a job and fails at it using up 80% of my computers CPU meanwhile the GPU usage has not increase nor decreased

Could it be that you have a sneaky software running in the background that you are unaware of? I am not an expert, but I usually press the ctrl + alt + del and start the task manager and see what is eating up my RAM or keeping my CPU busy.

I do check that stuff and thats how I know it was using up all of my cpu when I was using the proxy

The thing thats annoying about it is that its only when I have two separate videos in the software so for instance I cannot combine two clips together it works when its just one video in the output but with two it just freezes and it has never done this to me before

Have you tried converting the video to a more edit friendly format, some formats can be very hard for a video editor to work with.

please share screenshots of the properties for your source video

its not just that video that it happens with and the properties for the source video are right here

oh right also its doing the same thing for videos roughly past 40 minutes long

This has me very stressed I have autism and just the waiting is allowing anxiety to settle in

I am making a new thread because I just realized that I am not explaining things enough

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