Free sound effects for video creators

Free sound effects for video creators : The free sound packs that can be downloaded contain several hundred sounds, for a total of about 3 GB. Don’t forget to download the free 1GB sound pack available on the Bluezone Corporation homepage.

Browse the free sounds list :


Although it seems legit, I jave a gut feeling that it’s a promotion.

Hi Ar_D, No, the sound effects are completely free, no fees or attribution required. All sounds can be use in commercial projects.

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I took the plunge and downloaded the whole lot. Seems to be a genuine offer! Well done and thank you @danys84 - the sound effects are excellent!!

I checked them out too and found nothing objectionable. The recordings are great quality. The unique thing about these sound packs is that many “music” and ambience samples are actually short segments that can be seamlessly looped (stacked end-to-end) on a timeline to make the sound as long as the scene requires. Well done and thank you!

I am not talking the product originality, genuineness or safety @jonray and @Austin . I am talking if he was promoting his product, like sort of product ad vandalism or bot, otherwise I also downloaded the whole pack.

Pick my words, I already know it’s genuine, I didn’t knew if he was promoting or not.

Anyways, the resource post by him seems to be legit and not a bot, bcz he replied humanly.

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