Free resource - my new collection of 16 swipe "stinger" transitions - overlays

Roll up - Rollup!!
Get your free STINGER swipe transitions here!!
Make an orderly queue!! Cheap at half the price!! :rofl:

Hi folks, I just designed some “Slider” Stinger overlay transitions and made them into 16 short MOV files (with transparency) which you can simply overlay above a cut in a video to create a fresh, modern, simple transition effect.

First, here’s a demo video I made:

I’ve placed them below for FREE download. Free? Just a gesture from me to reflect the amazing generosity from @shotcut, @brian, who provide this great software for free, and several others on this outstanding forum who regularly give their time and expertise, also for no financial reward. Quite remarkable.

How they work:
In these stinger overlay transitions, a rectangle or circle moves across the screen. At one frame during the transition, the whole screen is covered. Then the rectangle of circle uncovers. So if you place the moment the rectangle or circle covers the screen at exactly the frame that the scene in your video changes, then a stinger transition is created.

MOV files
The stinger clips are rendered in .MOV (Quicktime Animation) format, which maintains transparency and semi-transparency, unlike MP4 videos. So only the white rectangle or circle shows. The black colour shown in the preview screen will be transparent when overlayed.

How to use them in a project.
First, download the folder containing my 16 stinger files from here:

Let’s create just one transition. On V1, place two clips side by side. Go to Open file and select one of my stinger transitions.

Create a blank V2 track and place the stinger file on it. Position it over the split between the two videos, approximately so it straddles the split.

Carefully position it so that the completely covered frame aligns with the video cut on V1. Tip: The “nudge” feature is good for this. Another technique is to locate the completely covered frame, split the .mov clip, then multi-select the two halves and move it so the split aligns with the split on V1.

That’s it! Stinger transition created!

Transition too slow (or too fast)?
Change the speed in Properties! Easy!

A variation of this method:
Import the file named:
“ALL JonRay STINGER slide transitions in a row (collection of 16) - split and cut for the desired”
This is what the file-name suggests - all the stinger transitions played one after the other. Here it is played above a blue background:

Play the whole clip, and when you see an appropriate transition to use, simply cut it out and use it, deleting the rest of the clip. This saves laboriously finding an appropriate single transition by browsing its filename.

Not keen on white? :wink:
Change the colour of the swipe!

This is easily done by applying one of these filters to the transition clip:

  1. Sepia Tone, or
  2. Colour Grading
    … and mess with the settings until an appropriate colour is found.
    Additionally, you might also add a saturation filter to further tweak the colours.



Beautiful collection @jonray and faster to use than a traditional transition with a Mate file.
Thank you for sharing !!

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Merci @Jonray
Téléchargé également.
Beau travail qui mériterait une gratification. Malheureusement, je ne connais pas le taux de change de la £. Quel dommage :rofl::rofl:

Thank you. Also downloaded.
Nice work that deserves a gratification. Unfortunately, I don’t know the £ exchange rate. What a pity :rofl::rofl:

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No problem, @SergeC - I’m looking for a new flute headjoint (the bit on a flute you blow into). Today, Sir James Galway put some of his used headjoints up for sale. Any one of these will do as payment :rofl:

Téléchargé également, merci @jonray pour le partage.
Bien vu l’astuce du “color grading” pour modifier les couleurs.
Cela va me servir.

Also uploaded, thanks @jonray for sharing.
Well seen the “color grading” tip to modify the colors.
This will be useful to me. :grinning: :v:

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Yes. Make sure you change the right-hand “highlights” wheel:

Also, I discovered that the “Sepia Tone” filter works well. NB it doesn’t give you all colours (I didn’t see RED, for example, and some are quite pastel colours.(But that is quite an advantage. I think pastel colours work best).

Oui. Assurez-vous de changer la molette de droite « faits saillants » :

De plus, j’ai découvert que le filtre “Sepia Tone” fonctionne bien. NB cela ne vous donne pas toutes les couleurs (je n’ai pas vu ROUGE, par exemple, et certaines sont des couleurs assez pastel. (Mais c’est un sacré avantage. Je pense que les couleurs pastel fonctionnent mieux).

J’étais prêt à cliquer sur ce bec quand mon navigateur s’est bloqué, et je ne sais pas pourquoi ? Nous n’avons pas de chance ! :sleepy:

I was ready to click on this headjoint when my browser froze, and I don’t know why? We’re out of luck! :sleepy:

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£13,995 !!!
$17,792 (US) !!!
$24,368 (CAD) !!!

I was about to propose a McDonald’s Happy Meal gift certificate… :hamburger: :fries: :cup_with_straw:

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Hi @musicalbox, I meant with the Sepia Tone. My fault, I didn’t express myself well…

Quite reasonable. It was owned by James Galway. :laughing: :wink: Think how much it would be worth in a few year’s time though…

OK, that would be an acceptable second option.

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Oh no!! Guess I’ll have to stick with the flute I’ve got then…

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Amazing! Easy add to my arsenal!

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Hi @bentacular, you are most welcome to add these to your (already substantial) Shotcut weaponry. :wink:

As always, you are very generous, my friend.

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No problem! Please say hi to the sharks, from me :wink:

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Just stumbled upon this. These are neat. I tend to use very few transitions, really liking the simple fades and jumpcuts, but sometimes you need something different for an effect.

Thank you; will dl when I’m back at my desktop comp<ter.

Thank you, @Tyrannocaster . Your reply is appreciated - and you gave me the 10th “like” on my post, so I got this award: !!! Woo,hoo !!! :sunglasses:
(Cue drumroll) … :
Nice topic shotcut forum

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