Free background music for video

Hello everyone.
Im glad to invite you on my website where you can download for free my music for Youtube video.
There are cinematic, romantic, corporate tracks. I add new tracks every few days.



Just a suggestion, use a professional email like boris@bsevastyanovmusic instead of a Gmail, so it looks more professional, If you don’t know how to do it, You can use Google Gsuite to do it.

Overall very nice site, I do not have any plans to use these audios because I have no idea about my next video. But I am confused about one thing, right below Purchase it’s written free download, Do we have to buy it or it’s a free song to which we can download it for free and if we want to contribute the creator we can pay them.

Thank you for your suggestion. I will think about it.
About “Buy” and “Free download”.
Anyone can download any file for free and use it in non monetized videos. Because not all beginners have monetized channel. So in this case music completely free. If you want monetize video you can purchase license (for only $10) and your video will be whitelisted and not claimed.

OK, I had a channel that was able to monetize, but I didn’t know about monetizing in YouTube at that time, and I just forgot the the password of my Gmail which had that channel. I am now totally clear about it and waiting for my new channel to reach 1k.

An interesting resource for my home videos. :+1:

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Hi @BSevastyanovMusic , I just checked out some of your music and the ones I listened to sound cool! Thank you. Just to let you know that the word “Length” is spelled incorrectly - on all songs, so I’m letting you know in case you want to change it… I know you’re not English and I hope you don’t mind me pointing it out.

Shotcut music site free music typo


Thank you so much for “Length”. I fixed it. English is not my native language so it can be mistakes on site.
And feel free to use my music for free in your non commercial videos.


Thank you very much - I will look forward to browsing your songs!

Hello again. There are some new logos added ))

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Hello everyone! there are many new tracks on my website!


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Hi everyone!!!

There are many new Christmas tracks on my website.

Check it out ))

is one time 10$ per track ? or will have subscription every months till video on youtube ?

You can became my Patron ($10 per month) and use any old and all future tracks in your projects.