Frame rate suggestion?

It is more about video than shortcut . Can anybody help me with this?
If I am mostly sitting on my chair and playing a guitar
What frame rate is suitable? Probably not important and just the default 30 is ok?
Is there any merit to shoot with 60 frame rate?

30fps is what is usually seen on TV shows, news broadcasts, sport broadcasts, concerts, vlogs, instructional videos, etc…

24fps is the cinematic frame rate. All movies and TV dramas shoot with this frame rate.

60fps is more commonly used for video games or when people want to have more frames to work with when they later use slow motion in a 30fps or 24fps video. Some vloggers also use this frame rate also but I don’t think there’s much benefit to it.

My recommendation is that if the performance you are going to be shooting of yourself is well lit and filmed then shoot in 24fps to help give it a cinematic feel. If not, then just use 30fps.

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Thanks but what about synchronization later with my audio that is 48k ?
If I shoot at 24ftps and my DAW has the setting of 48K will it be OK?

Shotcut has an issue when you are editing audio that is 44k so you should be fine with 48k.

But is the footage you are shooting variable frame rate? If it’s recorded from a cell phone it most likely is.

Yes I will be shooting with iphone

I would suggest 30 fps, esp. when you tend to watch the video on a computer monitor or put it in the web. Most monitors have a repeat rate of 60 Hz, so 30 fps fit well in there. With 24 fps you can end up with flickering in some occasions. It might work well in many cases but not necessarily :wink:

Thanks I will go for 4K 30 fps

Then make sure to take the video and Convert To Edit Friendly in Shotcut,

That’s not quite correct.

Frame rate is chosen mainly based on the local mains frequency - if you shoot 60/1.001 fps in a 50Hz mains country, you will get bad flicker if there is any mains powered lighting, monitors, TVs, indicator lamps… So 50/25 in a 50Hz region, 60/1.001 or 30/1.001 in a 60 Hz region.

Sports broadcasts, news reports, entertainment shows etc. have always been shot at 50 or 60/1.001 Hz, but have until recently been interlaced, odd lines from frame 1 even lines from frame 2. They appear to be 25 or 29.97 fps but when de-interlaced go back to 50/59.94. They throw away some vertical resolution to increase temporal resolution - but the motion portrayal is at 50 or 60/1.001. Also, if you’re in a 50Hz region, drama is shot at 25fps (and 24 is often shown fast - so movies on TV are 4% shorter than in the cinema).

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