Frame rate issues

Recently I’ve been noticing issues with frame rate in export. Wondering what settings I should change. Export rate is same as source rate. Haven’t updated so I’m using 22.01.30 but I don’t think that would be the problem.
Heres a clip from a video I made a few weeks ago. It should be easy to notice what I’m talking about.

If the export and video fps are correct, there’s one more place to check for fps and that is for the video mode.

Click on the Output text on the timeline (top left of timeline) then to the properties panel and check if that’s correct too.

I checked and it’s correct

Have you encountered a similar problem before? Or are you finding it for the first time? Maybe you can try to update the software to the latest version first.

I have updated the software to the latest version but still facing the same problem. I am facing it for the very first time.

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