Frame Rate Conversion

I am expecting to get a lab to grab a video from very old Super 8 cine film (no sound). However Super 8 is shot at 18fps and the video must be playable at 25fps.
Without relying on computer playback to set playback speed, I have in mind asking for frame accurate transfer and then, with suitable software, enabling frame rate conversion afterwards. For example 18.75 to 25 is a 3 to 4 pattern. Every after 3 frames, you add one duplicate. That would be near enough. So can Shotcut automatically add duplicates?

Yes. Shotcut automatically handles that. The key is to NOT use automatic video mode. You need to explicitly set the video mode to the output format and frame rate that you want. Shotcut will make the conversion internally.

Indeed many thanks.
Does that mean Shotcut will automatically add duplicate frames as needed and also (in other circumstances) regularly delete frames to meet the required frame rate?

Yes. That is exactly what it means.

Setting the expected video format is the key to getting the desired results.

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