Frame rate conversion / ffmpeg

On my Desktop PC, I am using Shotcut with Linux Mint 19, and make videos with my ‘Huawei P30 Pro’ and ‘Manual Camera Lite’. I used the options to set the video frame rate to 120 whereas the default is 30 frames per second. Then I edited this 2 second video file with Shotcut, it said: “this file has variable frame rate, which is not reliable for editing. Do you want to convert it to an edit-friendly format? …, etc.” I choose yes/Ok and the result (after giving a converted file name) was that ffmpeg started to do minutes long conversion, which was aborted by me, therefore I do not know how long it would have taken, Shotcut freezes, and the file which was converted to, was at some point 36 GB (the original only being 15 MB). Also the ‘Jobs’ pane showed a percentage going up from 0% to 1000% up to even 14000% and above. So, this is likely a ffmpeg error? I should not be redirect to it or have a Shotcut freeze, but there should be a recommendation for improvements to the ffmpeg team. While Shotcut was killed by clicking the exit button on the upper right, the conversion through ffmpeg kept on running even when Shotcut was no longer running.

Which of the three formats did you choose? The lowest quality setting will probably be sufficient. Most camera phones don’t produce enough detail to warrant the higher-quality codecs unless the footage is being processed in a serious production facility with QA police.

All options were left unchanged, so it will have been the default, i.e. middle.

It is normal to get very big output with such high framerate set.

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