Frame matching?

Does Shotcut have a way to match frames?

I’ve edited V1 and realized it’s just not right. The mess is beyond using undo. There’s no .MLT to bring me back to where I want to be (mess gone but another set of edits can stay). AFAIK tsolution is to go back to raw footage and drop it in where it’ll clear up the mess. If I put raw footage on V2 prior to inserting it into V1, how do I match the appropriate frames on V1’s clip to make the “repair” seamless. Obviously I can inspect for key details that identify the right frame. But if there’s a way to do “search the frames from here to there and match them with another clip”, sure would be nice…

I don’t know of any way to do this in Shotcut. :frowning:

Would LOVE to see this added as a feature to Shotcut.

Shotcut is awesome, but most pro editing software that I’ve used have a button (or key command) to pull up the source frame up, in the source viewer, when you click the button or tap the key command. The functionality is called “Match Frame”, in the Avid.

This is hugely useful, as you say, when you mess up and you need to figure out where that 10 frame insert came from.

This software is so close to being feasible for a pro show.

Time for a post on feature requests, eh? [/grin]