Frame freeze or frame export

Hi there,
is there in Shotcut any way to freeze video on
specific frame for longer time? This could be also done by exporting
frame with original resolution under playhead as image (this will be very useful anyway - at least for me) and afterwards insert to timeline - is it possible or planned?
Thank you guys for so much hard work on this cool project :slight_smile: !

You can export a single still from a clip by opening the clip in the Source player, set the in and out point to the same frame, click Export, make sure the From shows the clip name, choose an export preset that begins with β€œstills/”, and click Export File. Your output file will have a number appended to its name because it is an image sequence export, but here you are simply exporting one frame defined by the in and out.

Of course, there is on the todo list the ability to freeze on a frame for some duration. It might not actually be literally on the web site, but since it is a feature of the MLT engine and a common need, it should appear eventually.

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Great, thank you for your quick response.