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Ok so I expect it’s become known that I am editing old Kung Fu films replacing Chinese audio with English Audio from a second poorer quality file.

I’ve been using VSDC before now as I can’t find a way to do this in Shotcut.

Basically I have two films with slightly different starting points.

  1. Film A is 1.75GB, has good quality, is Chinese with English subs and starts with the company logo around 1.75 second mark.
  2. Film B is 674MB, with poor quality, but is English dubbed but starts with the company logo around 3.25 second mark.

The simplest way for me to sync these perfectly is to cut both so they start at the very first frame of the company logo. Then extract the English audio from Film B, place it into Film A then export. Simple. Except I can’t find out how to adjust frame by frame.

(As I wrote this, I noticed in the right hand pane, “Your Topic is similar to…” Frame by Frame in the HowTo section, but when I clicked it, it took me somewhere else and the whole RH pane had changed when I went back. Sorry if this has already been discussed.)

Another FR then. Please add Frame search buttons as in VSDC. These are located either side of the play button and adjust the position a single frame at a time where I could then select “cut” to splice and delete the unwanted clip.

I am finding this site a little hard to navigate as things don’t seem very logically laid out. No offense just a simple observation.

Thank you for your help

If what you want is move the playhead frame by frame to make precise cuts, here’s one way to do it:

Ah! so simple when you know how! Thank you for pointing that out.

Another way is to position the mouse cursor over the timer (on the left of the arrows I use in the clip above) and use the mouse wheel to move forward or backward frame by frame. Like this:

And another way is to use your keyboard’s right and left arrows.

Wow! can’t believe I didn’t even notice that small timer thingy!
Thank you so much that’s been a real time saver :wink: :+1:

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No problem. :+1: Glad I could help

My question is:
are the two video files perfectly synchronized?
I find in movies from 40 years ago, differences between the high quality version (remastered, and with surround audio) and the version of the video from which I extract the Spanish dubbing.
Those differences include non-linear desynchronizations and finally I have to do a process of stretching (or shrinking) the audio with pitch correction to make the synchronization perfect, since sometimes the video arrives before the audio and in others it is the opposite.
For this kind of more specialized work, I basically use a DAW with support for viewing the video associated with the audio track.

Well, I’ve only managed to do five videos so far. Two were perfect, one was a mess and two have other issues related to video quality not being what I thought it was.

I didn’t realise DAW’s could do that. Can you recommend anything?

I use Reaper DAW for this work on audio.
Here is a screenshot of a project.

In track 1 I have the audio of the remastered high quality video (I only enabled the center track of a 5.1 channel surround audio). I drag the video over Reaper and automatically import the audio.
You can enable a window to view the video associated with the audio.
In track 2 I have the Spanish dubbing (Latin Spanish). I drag the audio track , since I will not take advantage of the video because it is of low quality.
The blue arrows is the audio stretch and the red ones the opposite.
To enable this in DAW in preferences - Video import - Show available decoders.
If you have previously installed VideoLan VLC, Reaper uses these decoders.

There are free DAWs for Linux such as Qtractor and Ardour but I haven’t tested if I can do this yet, because I use an experimental version of Reaper for Linux.
If I have time this afternoon I can try and tell you.

This is an add-on that doesn’t substitute the work in Shotcut, because with DAW you don’t edit video, only audio.
The video window in DAW is very useful to synchronize sounds with images.
In addition to relying on the waveform (audio peaks), I have to look at the scene, because the same sentence has different construction and duration in each language.

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That looks like it could be useful, thanks for explaining. I’ll try that when I get to Five Superfighters as that has become a real pain to sort out.

I tried Ardour under Linux Ubuntu Studio, and I can do this too.

Ardour is also on Windows but it’s not free (it’s free on Linux).

For me, Reaper is more practical because I know it better than Ardour, but it’s an alternative too.
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I think I’ll give Reaper a try, thanks again for your time

If you need help with the initial configuration, just write me a message. :slightly_smiling_face:

You mean a pm? I will do, but I have no idea when I’ll get around to it! Could be some time.

Thank you for your generous offer too, very much appreciated :wink: :+1:

No problem, just a matter, maybe if you take many years to ask me, I might forget how to do this, hahaha. :laughing::joy:

:rofl: Well I just reinstalled Reaper so that’s a start :+1:

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